New Year’s Resolution! Write Your Peace Corps Memoir! & Hire an Editor!

One, start writing your memoir.

Two, hire an editor.

Yes, you need an editor.

What I have noticed over the years is that many interesting, fact-filled and engaging memoirs are being written and self-published by RPCVs. However, a good number of them would have benefited greatly if they had been first edited by a professional editor. All writers need the fine hand of an experienced book or magazine editor to bring out the best in a book. If you are writing your story for your family or for posterity, you should do yourself a favor and hire an editor.

Also, a good editor will help you develop your story and get you through the tough spots with your narrative and prose.

If you can’t locate a person or don’t know where to look, drop me an email and I’ll help you. I have put a few RPCV writers in touch with professional editors who have all been, they have told me, a tremendous help.







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