New Books by Peace Corps Writers — September 2012

To order books whose titles are in blue from Amazon, click on the title or book cover — and Peace Corps Worldwide, an Amazon Associate, will receive a small remittance that will help support our annual writers’ awards.

incurables-120The Incurables: Stories
by Mark Brazaitis (Guatemala 1991–93)
Univerisity of Notre Dame Press
248 pages
August, 2012

what-zhang-boys-120What The Zhang Boys Know: A Novel in Stories
by Clifford Garstang (South Korea 1976-77)
Press 53
$17.95 (paperback), $7.99 (Kindle)
201 pages

springs-namje-120The Springs of Namje: A Ten-Year Journey from the Villages of Nepal to the Halls of Congress
by Rajeev Goyal (Nepal 2001–03)
Beacon Press
$24.95 (hardcover), $13.72 (Kindle)
214 pages
September 2012

land-4-rivers-120The Land of the Four Rivers
by Matthew A. Hamilton (Armenia 2006-08, Philippines 2008-10)
Cervena Barva Press (
42 pages
July 2012

27-months-12027 Months in the Peace Corps: My Story, Unvarnished
by John Guy LaPlante (Ukraine 2007–10)
Infinity Publishing
$24.95 (paperback)
543 pages
September 2011

last-thing-i-saw-120The Last Thing I Saw
A Donald Strachey Mystery
by Richrd Stevenson (pseudonym for Richard Lipez Ethiopia 1962–64)
MLR Press
(paperback), $6.99 (Kindle)
229 pages

imminence-god-tropics-120The Immanence of God in the Tropics
(Short Stories)
by George Rosen (Kenya 1968-70)
Leapfrog Press
$15.95 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)
165 pages
October 2012

acts-god-vacation-120Acts of God While On Vacation
by Richard Tillotson (Malaysia 1967–69)
Arlington Avenue Books
$ 14.95 (paperback)
370 pages

tubob-120Tubob: Two Years in West Africa with the Peace Corps
by Mary E. Trimble (The Gambia 1979–81)
Shelter Graphics
$15.95 (paperback)
318 pages

follow-my-dream-120Follow My Dream: Letters from a Peace Corps Volunteer in Albania
by William M. Trunk (Albania 2007–09)
246 pages

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