New Peace Corps Volunteers Touch Down in Belize

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New Peace Corps Volunteers Touch Down in Belize
Today, twenty-three eager Peace Corps trainees arrived in Belize, ready to embark on their 27 months of dedicated service to the people of this nation. They join forces with the pioneering cohort of the Youth Empowered by Sports (YES) Project, which landed eight months ago. 

The Peace Corps Belize, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Transport, partners closely with counterparts in the National Sports Council across the country. The YES Project aims to empower Belizean youth to lead healthy lives and fulfill their potential.

Over the next eleven weeks of intensive pre-service training, these trainees will delve into the Peace Corps’ development approach, YES project objectives, technical skills, health and safety protocols, as well as language and cultural immersion in Kriol or Spanish and Belizean customs. Their goal: to become effective and capable volunteers.

The group is slated to officially take their oath as Peace Corps Volunteers on Friday, July 19, 2024.

This new cohort complements the ongoing service of two groups of 27-month volunteers and the Response Volunteers already embedded in communities throughout Belize. This marks the fourth group of Peace Corps Volunteers since the onset of the pandemic.

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