New Novel “WWW.DROPDEAD” by Dick Lipez writing as Richard Stevenson (Ethiopia)


KickAssQueer is a gay Web site thousands go to for news, gossip, and as a forum to exchange often heated opinions about GLBT life in America. When one of KAQ’s editors is savagely murdered, it’s PI Don Strachey’s job to uncover whether one of the site’s many harsh critics, gay or straight, is responsible for this young man’s death—and possibly for other brutal assaults on gay men in and around New York City. What Strachey is soon forced to confront is a side of the Internet that is not just disturbing, but sometimes downright lethal.

Note on Lipez

Richard Lipez (Ethiopia 1962-64) currently resides in Massachusetts. He is best known for his Donald Strachey mysteries, which are published under the pen name Richard Stevenson. He is the author of 16 novels (and you think you write a lot!) and according to the website Thrilling Detective, “For those of you who haven’t read the Strachey series, they are, for my money, some of the funniest, smartest PI novels around. The guy is just a terrific writer! Maybe even brilliant.”

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