New Novel by Roland Merullo–The Delight of Being Ordinary: A Road Trip with the Pope and Dalai Lama

The Delight of Being Ordinary

Roland Merullo (Micronesia 1979-80) new novel has the Pope and the Dalai Lama taking a road trip.

What happens when the Pope and the Dalai Lama decide they need an undercover vacation? During a highly publicized official visit at the Vatican, the Pope suggests an adventure so unexpected and appealing that neither man can resist. Before dawn, two of the most beloved and famous people on the planet don disguises, slip into a waiting car, and experience the countryside as regular people. Along for the ride are the Pope’s overwhelmed cousin Paolo and his estranged wife Rosa, an eccentric hairdresser with a lust for life who cannot resist the call to adventure—or the fun.Roland Merullo
Against a landscape of good humor, exploration and spiritual delight, not to mention the sublime rolling hills of Italy, The Delight of Being Ordinary showcases the charming sensibilities of Roland Merullo (whose bestselling Breakfast with Buddha has sold over 200,000 copies), in a novel that makes us laugh as well as think about the demands of ordinary life, spiritual life, and the identities by which we all define ourselves.

The Delight of Being Ordinary
A Road Trip with the Pope and the Dalai Lama
By Roland Merullo (Micronesia 1979-80)
Doubleday/Random House
384 pages
April 11, 2017
Hardback $17.67; Kindle $12.99

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  • Can’t wait to read it. Thank you. I still love Pope Francis despite the fact he says no to women priests, and the Dalai Lama? What a “mensch.” (Italics wouldn’t work). Together they’re going to be irrisistable.

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