New Executive Officer of the Peace Corps: Thomas Peng (Philippines)

Thomas Peng
Chief Executive Officer
Peace Corps

Thomas Peng is the new Chief Executive Officer of the Peace Corps.

Thomas Peng (Philippines 2006-08)

He brings more than 20 years of public and private sector experience and has led, managed, and supported teams in the technology and non-profit sectors.

Most recently, Thomas served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Peace Corps where he oversaw internal operations, human resources, and strategic information, research, and planning. Previously, he served the Peace Corps as Chief Information Officer, where he strengthened operations and promoted a culture of transparency and inclusion.

Thomas’ Peace Corps roots extend back to his service as a Volunteer in the Philippines from 2006-2008, where he trained teachers to use technology in the classroom. Throughout his career, Thomas has championed diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives by sponsoring employee resource groups and facilitating safe spaces for all employees to have brave conversations.

Thomas holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in information systems with a specialization in security from Boston University.



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  • What are the duties and responsibilities of this position? Hiring and firing authority for staff? Who recruits, hires, trains, and evaluates country directors?

  • Carol Spahn has been Chief Executive Officer of the Peace Corps. She was nominated by President Biden to be the Peace Corps Director. Has she been confirmed as Director?

    • UPDATE: Jonathan Pearson, of the NPCA reports “Carol will have her confirmation hearing tomorrow.” Carol Spahn was nominated to be Director of the Peace Corps by President Biden, Jonathan went on to report ” Carol’s hearing tomorrow should be quick and non-controversial. The Foreign Relations Committee will vote on her confirmation in the next week to ten days, and then it should get on the Senate calendar before adjournment.”

  • In his capacity of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Peng offered a zoom-based Peace Corps update at an event hosted by Museum of the Peace Corps Experience. Event was held in conjunction with the “Posting Peace; Peace Corps Posters 1961-2022” exhibit in Portland, OR. Peng was terrific! We’re lucky to have him in the Peace Corps Office of the Director.

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