New Books by Peace Corps Writers — March 2013

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mountain-school-120The Mountain School
(Peace Corps memoir)
by Greg Alder (Lesotho 2003–06)
$13.00 (paperback), $5.00 (Kindle)
253 pages

volunteers-african-bush-120Volunteers in the African Bush: Memoris From Sierra Leone
Edited by David Read Barker (Sierra Leone 1965–67)
Dog Year Publishing
$15.00 (paperback); $3.99 (Kindle)
163 pages

volunteers-america-120Volunteers of America: The Journey of a Peace Corps Teacher
by Dennis L. Carlson (Libya 1968–69)
Sense Publishers
$38.00 (paperback); $98.00 (hardcover)
April 2012

this-is-africa-120This is Africa: Peace Corps Malawi and the Liberian Civil War
by Eugene T. Caruso (Malawi 1990–92)
120 pages

at-home-world-fisher-120At Home in the World: Globalization and the Peace Corps in Nepal
By Jim F. Fisher (Nepal 1962–64)
Orchid Press
$25.00 (hardcover)
218 pages
April 2013

crufix-blocks-120The Crucifix-Blocks
by Todd Fredson (Ivory Coast)
Tabot Bach $16.00
66 pages
January 2013

by Kent Haruf (Turkey 1965–67)
Alfred A. Knopf
$25.95 (hardcover); $12.99 (Kindle)
258 pages
February 2013

discovering-new-america-120Discovering the New America: Where Local Communities Are Solving National Problems
by Francis P. Koster, Ed.D. (Tanzania, Sierra Leone 1964–66)
$25.00 (paperback); $7.95 (Kindle)
250 pages
March 2013

ride-120The Ride
by Dean Mahon (Cameroon 1974–78)
$7.99 (paperback); $2.99 (ebook)
163 pages

know-rainforest-120To Know the Rainforest
(Peace Corps Novel)
by Paul Mathes (Colombia 1964–66)
$18.95 (paperback); $22.00 (hardcover); $3.99 (Kindle)
309 pages

thai-comic-books-120Thai Comic Books: Poems from my life in Thailand with the Peace Corps: 1967–1969
by Burgess Needle (Thailand 1967–69)
Big Table Publishing
60 pages
February 2013

historia-historia-120História, História: Two Years in the Cape Verde Islands
by Eleanor Stanford (Cape Verde 1998–2000)
CCLaP Publishing
$20.00 (Hypermodern Edition); $ $4.99 (Kindle)
128 pages
March 2013

third-battalion-120The Third Ballalian Mississippi Infantry and the 45th Mississippi Regiment: A Civil War History
by David Williamson (Venezuela 1964–66)
McFarland & Co.
$39.95 (paperback)
386 pages

47-indiana-history-120The 47th Indiana Volunteer Infantry: A Civil War History
By David Williamson (Venezuela 196466)
McFarland & Co., Inc.
$45.95 (paperback), $16.49 (Kindle)
448 pages

47th-indiana-case-120The 47th Indiana Volunteer Infantry: Court-Martial Case Files
edited by David Williamson (Venezuela 1964–66)
$11.99 (paperback), $11.99 (Kindle)
142 pages

Slack’s War: Selected Letters of General James R. Slack
47th Indiana Volunteer Infantry to His wife, Ann, 1862
edited by David Williamson (Venezuela 1964–66)
$29.99 (paperback), $29.99 (Kindle)
386 pages

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