New books by Peace Corps writers — September 2015

To purchase any of these books from, click on the book cover, the bold book title, or the publishing format you would like — and Peace Corps Worldwide, an Amazon Associate, will receive a small remittance that will help support the site and the annual Peace Corps Writers awards.

dog-rescue-a-z-140Dog Rescue A to Z: A Beginner’s Alphabet
Mary  Blocksma (Nigeria 1965–67)
Beaver Island Arts
116 pages
$15.00 (


venezuela-sojourn-140Venezuela Sojourn: The Peace Corps Diary of Jon C. Halter
Jon C. Halter (Venezuela 1966–68)
September 2015
264 pages
$12.00 (paperback)


italian-summer-2-140The Italian Summer: Golf, Food, and Family at Lake Como
Roland  Merullo, Jr. (Micronesia 1979–80)
September 2015
280 pages
$15.85 (paperback), $7.85 (Kindle)

king-gypsies-140King of the Gypsies: Stories
Lenore Myka (Romania 1994-96)
BkMk Press
September 2015
215 pages
$15.95 (paperback)

awareness-140The Awareness
Gene Stone (Niger 1974–76) and Jon Doyle
The Stone Press
March 2014
240 pages
$14.95 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)


amharic-guide-140The Essential Guide to Amharic: The National Language of Ethiopia
Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia 2011–13) and Abraham Teklu
Peace Corps Writers
September 2015
162 pages
$25.00 (paperback)


deep-south-140Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads
aul Theroux (Malawi 1963-65)
Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
September 29,2015
464 pages
$29.95 (hardcover), $17.39 (paperback), $14.99 (Kindle), $36.74 (Audible)


no-4-imperial-lane-140No. 4 Imperial Lane
Jonathan Weisman (Guinea Bissau 1988; Philippines 1988–90)
August 2015
341 pages
$26.00 (hardcover), $12.99 (Kindle), $20.65 (Audible)

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