12 new books by Peace Corps writers: January – February 2021


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Creative Types and Other Stories
By Tom Bissell (Uzbekistan 1996)
225 pages
March 2021
$12.99 (Kindle); $25.95 (hardback), $14.70 (Audible)

If you like to think, if you adore language and excellent, if weird and navel gazing writing, Bissell is your guy. He’s irreverent and funny, given a bit too much to lecturing, a real leading light of his generation of writers, and fairly unusual. — from a PCW review by Tony D’Souza

Become Loaded for Life: Financial Independence, Retiring Early, Maximizing Happiness
Nate  Carter (Morocco 1995-1997)
Bowker Identifier Service
260 pages
$10.99 (paperback), $7.18 (Kindle)

Nate shares how his Peace Corps experience and service as a U.S. diplomat influenced him to create a plan for financial independence and early retirement. He shares a replicable strategy for creating wealth, mitigating money-related stress and maximizing long-term happiness. 

The Journey of Max Braverman
by Chris Honoré (Colombia 1967-69)
Independent Publishing
424 pages
$16.oo (paperback)

Two brothers, Max and Jordie. Their friend, Marty. And a girl named Tia. Together they struggle with the journey of their lives, often defined by loss. They possess an abiding concern for one another, tempered by resolve and courage and a life changing moment.

The 2019 European Games in Minsk
Steve  Kaffen (Russia 1994-96)
Independently published
January 2021
$3.99 (Kindle)

Join author and explorer Steve Kaffen and attend the best of the European Games including the spectacular closing ceremony, and experience the sights, spirit and local color of surprising Minsk.

Fast Food for Thought: Poetry to Ponder
Eldon Katter (Ethiopia 1962–64)
A Peace Corps Writers Book
December 2020
178 pages
$5.99 (paperback)

The idiomatic title is meant to suggest that the words are something worth thinking about. It is a selection of the author’s poems, old and new, on a wide range of subjects. Identity, choice, change, aging, and the environment are just a few of the topics touched upon.

The Good Husband: 50 Practices That Will Make You Nearly Perfect
Danny Langdon (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Performance International
December 2020
262 pages
$15.00 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)

While becoming a husband often begins with an overflow of loving feelings and the anticipation of a fabulous future, actually living with your soul mate, best friend, or spouse brings many challenges! Sure, you might have gotten some inkling from your dad — if he was any good at husbanding himself. But, for the most part, you are on your own to figure out how to be one. So, how can a novice become a good husband?

For the Love of the Struggle: Memoirs from El Salvador
by Andrés (Drew) McKinley (Liberia 1969–72)
Daraka Press
297 pages
November 2020
$20.00 (paperback)

From his home in El Salvador, the author shares an intimate personal and political memoir that follows his remarkable journey from the comfort and security of a picturesque New England town to a stirring and heroic engagement in common cause with the struggle for peace and justice in El Salvador.

A Cup of Stars
(Short stories)
Joseph Monninger (Burkina Faso 1975–77)
Wood Heat Press
May 2020
458 pages
$10.99 (paperback), $4.99 (Kindle)

Joseph Monninger has been publishing novels, non-fiction, and short stories since 1978.This is a collection of 25 of his short stories.

Spark and the League of Ursus: A Novel(A League of Ursus book, 1 0f 2)
(Youth 9-12 yrs)
RobertRepino (Grenada 2000–02)
March 2020
216 pages
$16.99 (Hard cover)

Spark and the Grand Sleuth (A League of Ursus book, 2 0f 2)
(Youth 9-12 yrs)
RobertRepino (Grenada 2000–02)
Quirk Books
March 2021
272 pages
$16.99 (hard cover)

In this action-packed middle-grade fantasy, Spark the teddy bear and her team of fellow toys must team up once again to save their human owners from an unlikely threat.

We Are Akan: Our People and Our Kingdom in the Rainforest — Ghana, 1807
by Dorothy Brown Soper (Ghana 1962–65), author; and  James Cloutier (Kenya 1962–66), illustrator
Luminare Press
October 2020
358 pages
Reading level : 9 – 12 years
October 2020
$8.99 (Kindle); $19.99 (Paperback)

This book for pre-teens offers a richly illustrated story of life in the Asante Kingdom of 1807. Three boys, ages 11-13, strive to become leaders in the Akan culture as they balance the life they know with their experience of domestic slavery and the role of the Asante Kingdom in the Atlantic slave trade.

The Apologist: A Luke Lundy Novel
A. A. Weiss (Moldova 2006–08)
The Agency Books
February 2021
193 pages
$16.95 (paperback), $4.99 (Kindle)

Luke Lundy won’t kill for America ever again, but when tasked with preventing an international incident in Beijing, he’ll have to fight against old habits — like killing to stay alive. 



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