New books by Peace Corps writers — August 2018

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We are now including a one-sentence description — provided by the author — for the books listed here in hopes of encouraging readers  1) to order the book and 2) to volunteer to review it. See a book you’d like to review for Peace Corps Worldwide? Send a note to Marian at, and we’ll send you a copy along with a few instructions.

Then Again
Ben Berman (Zimbabwe 1998-2000)
(Short prose pieces)
Vine Leaves Press
August 2018
58 pages
$9.99 pre-order (paperback)

The interrelated short prose pieces in Ben Berman’s Then Again explore a life outside of chronological order, bounce back and forth between foreign adventures and domestic routines.

A Game in the Sun and Other Stories
John Coyne (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Cemetery Dance
August 2018
$40.00 (hard cover)


Treason and Triumph
Martin R. Ganzglass (Somalia 1966–68)
Peace Corps Writers
June 2018
360 pages
$14.95 (paperback)

This is the fifth in the series of historical novels written by Ganzglass that focus on the Revolutionary War whose meticulous research yields details not only of  the conflict, but also of the lives of people who were directly or indirectly impacted by the war; the other novels are . . . Cannons for the Cause, Tories and Patriots, Blood Upon the Snow, and Spies and Deserters.

The Cottage On the Bay: Family Saga of Scots Grove Plantation by the Sea in the Carolinas
by Ruben Gonzales (Liberia 1971-76)
Moonshine Cove Publishing
February 2018
282 pages
$14.99 (paperback), $6.99 (Kindle)

The Cottage On the Bay begins before the Civil War and follows the life of Martha Stewart Thorpe and the parallel path of the South through the dark years of reconstruction.

Roost: Confessions of a First-Time Chicken Farmer
Bronwyn  Mitchell-Strong (Botswana 1994–96)
Apprentice House Press
October 2018
166 pages
$12.99-preorder (paperback)

This is a story about what happens when two chicks in the suburbs open their home and hearts to four chicks from the hatchery, and that is woven throughout with thoughts on chicken history, science, politics, pop culture, religion, social justice, and even psychosis. 

Lenin’s Asylum: Two Years in Moldova
A. A. Weiss (Moldova 2006–08)
Everytime Press
June 2018
296 pages
$16.95 (paperback), $5.99 (Kindle)

Lenin’s Asylum asks hard questions about the utility of  volunteerism — and answers them with the beauty of the bonds formed between strangers across  cultures.

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