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If You Are Retiring, You Might Join the Peace Corps!
by Sally Jo Nelson Botzler (Mexico 2009–11)
July 2017
122 pages
$16.95 (paperback), $3.99 (Kindle)

Following retirement, the author and her husband served as Peace Corps Volunteers at the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Jalpan, Mexico (2009 – 2011), and Sally hopes that this small book will inspire other retirees in the United States to consider the opportunities for international community service that Peace Corps offers.

(Flash Fiction)
by Rob Davidson (Eastern Caribbean—Grenada, West Indies 1990-92)
Five Oaks Press
May 2016
56 pages
$15.79 (paperback)

What can we know of what’s most profound? In these brief and lyrical fictions, Rob Davidson offers us glimpses of what remains out of reach.

From the Projects to the Peace Corps to the Professoriate: A Traveling Memoir
by Thomas O. Edwards (Costa Rica 1965-67)
July 2017
150 pages
$13.99 (paperback), $26.99 (hardcover), $3.99 (Kindle)

A PCV’s memoir.

A Few Minor Adjustments: A Memoir of Healing
by Cherie  Kephart (Zambia 1994)
Bazi Publishers
September 2017
254 pages
$15.95 (paperback), $24.95 (hard cover), $4.99 (Kindle)

A fiercely inspirational account of one woman’s incredible journey to find life-saving answers about a mysterious that lead to years of suffering. 

A Silhouette of Liberia Photographs: 1974–1977
by Michael H. Lee (Liberia 1974–76)
Michael Lee Publisher
August 2017
136 pages
$59.99 (hardcover)

Lee’s soulful and haunting photographs capture what life was like for Liberians prior to two decades of anarchy and civil war, and therefore serve to document and preserve that time and place in Liberia’s history.

Peace Corps Epiphanies: Panama
by Anson K. Lihosit (Panama 2015–17)
Peace Corps Writers
July 2017
132 pages
$13.95 (paperback)

The author describes his adventures playing softball, teaching and adapting as a PCV in Panama.


Service Disrupted: My Peace Corps Story
by Tyler E. Lloyd (Burkina Faso 2012–14)
Lloyd Media Publishing Company
August 2017
282 pages
$12.95 (paperback), $6.99 (Kindle)
When a Peace Corps Volunteer is told he may have contracted HIV, his future is uncertain, his thoughts get dark, but his stories are fascinating.

Wild World
by Peter S. Rush (Cameroon 1972–73)
Prior Manor
August 2017
288 pages
$16.95 (paperback)
Set against the backdrop of the protest era of the 1970s, an idealistic Brown University grad postpones law school to be near his girlfriend and takes a job in Providence as a police officer — but when he discovers corruption in the department, his determination to overturn the system holds unexpected consequences for his own life.

Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods: Early Humans and the Origins of Religion
E. Fuller Torrey (Staff/MD Ethiopia 1964–66)
Columbia University Press
September 2017
312 pages
$35.00 (hardcover), $33.25 (Kindle)

Based on an idea originally proposed by Charles Darwin, Torrey marshals evidence that the emergence of gods was an incidental consequence of several evolutionary factors.


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