Naomi Wolf to Teach Non-Fiction Web Course

Naomi Wolf, bestselling author and feminist (in the third-wave) and a political consultant to Clinton, Gore, and others, as well as author of  the international bestseller, The Beauty Myth, is offering an Internet course “that offers participants the key content of the non-fiction workshop” that she has successfully taught in college classrooms.

The Internet workshop will focus on key issues for writers of nonfiction, among them are:  1) how to turn an opinion into a publishable op-ed piece; 2) what a really marketable nonfiction book proposal looks like; 3) how to increase the chances that your book-which will be published into an environment full of competing messages-will  attract as much attention as possible; 4) what actually happens in the publishing and book promotion cycle. And more!

She is offering sessions in September and October. Each session consists of three live classes, and each class is two hours long. You may register for all three or any combination. The first half of each webinar will be a lecture. The second half will be interactive where participants can ask questions and also network with other participants. The cost is $350 for the three webinars.  $125 for individual sessions.

You can find out much more, and register at: <>

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