Musings in the Morning (11/10/2016)

On the way to work out this morning I was listening to BBC (you have to get up early for BBC) and they had an interview of an American factory owner in Mexico. The interviewer was asking the owner if he would have to move back to the US because of the anticipated new regulations from Trump.

The factory owner said that his company refurbished (as far as I could tell) cars, rebuilding and remanufacturing them. He said that he did employ ‘some’ Mexicans to clean up the factory and also move boxes, but that all his employees were robots. He admitted that his “skilled engineers” made about 10% to 30% less than they would in the U.S. but it is clear that factories like his won’t bring back jobs to the heartland of the Midwest.

Then on the Elliptical I was watching Morning Joe and host and former Congressman Joe Scarborough was saying that Trump is “still a Democrat.” He mentioned how Trump already called Chuck Schumer and had gotten a friendly email from Nancy Pelosi. Both Schumer and Pelosi have agreed to “work with Trump” in investing in our infrastructure.

On Wall Street (changing channels) the markets were soaring because Trump has promised to “fix our inner cities and rebuild highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals,” i.e. that means jobs, jobs, jobs. Jobs for skilled and unskilled laborers. Government funding and investments for manufacturing companies.

But wait…Trump is a Republican. Republicans are worried about creating more debt. Who will pay for all this ‘infrastructure’? Not by taxes on the wealthy, they cry.

The truth is this: Trump is another Teddy Roosevelt… He wants immediate credit for being a BUILDER.

He’s a “builder” and as president, he has told us, “he will build.” He isn’t worried about the debt coming due in twenty years. Why he’ll be 90 then!

Next, I heard that Republicans are with this election in full control of both houses of Congress and the White House. That has only happened to the Republicans twice before: in 1929 at the start of our ten-year Great Depression and again from 2005-07 when we experienced our Great Recession. Bad timing? Or are they the cause of both?

I think I better stop watching TV when I work out in the morning. It’s too depressing. (And I haven’t yet lifted weights.)



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  • John–interesting commentary about the growing importance of robots in manufacturing sites in Mexico. Technological changes–and not multi-lateral trade agreements will be driving much of our future job growth and yet this has rarely been discussed during the campaign nor has Trump recognized that important change at all as far as I’ve seen.

    I too am avoiding cable new TV–too depressing for so early in the morning–or any of time of day for that matter. Cheers, Mark

  • Marathon Law and Order episodes are my choice! I stumbled upon the Sundance channel and watched four episodes of
    MASH. It was so good to laugh.

    resonates (when a college is not a collage).
    The electoral college could (but likely won’t) deliver its votes to another citizen. It doesn’t have to be Clinton. It could be another woman or man to match the lean of the popular vote. (There are millions of votes to be counted that will increase the vote count of the Democrat candidate.)

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