Museum of the Peace Corps Experience Makes Announcement on Peace Corps Books

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience announced today the release of a new tool for researchers and readers of books written by Peace Corps volunteers over the past 60 years.

Information about 3,300 books authored by past and present Peace Corps volunteers is now contained in a central database and available on the Museum’s website under its Exploration tab.

This bibliography is available free of charge. The list can be searched by author, title, publication date and other terms.

“Our goal in compiling the database is to make it as comprehensive as possible,” said Debbie Manget (St. Lucia 1978-79) chair of the Museum’s collections team, who spearheaded the effort.

Authors whose books are not listed should notify the Museum using the collections link.

The bibliography was developed over many months, building on work by John Coyne (Ethiopia 1962-64) and Marian Haley Beil (Ethiopia 1962-64), founders of Peace Corps Writers and mentors to many authors. Other records were added from the work of Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras (1975-77), the Library of Congress and the Washington Research Library Consortium.


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    • Thank you, Susan, for your enthusiasm about this exciting project and your ongoing support.

      Museum of the Peace Corps Experience endeavors to compile a comprehensive list of books written by Peace Corps authors. We are focusing on listing every book in the Bibliography, but because of limited resources we are unable to acquire every book.

      Once we have a museum building and paid staff, we may build a collection of the books themselves. In the meantime, we’re delighted about the support we are receiving from you, everyone listed in our press release, and many other authors and readers.

  • As a fellow writer I very much appreciate the hard work and dedication of my fellow PCV, RPCV, CCV (Response).

    I have continued to follow with interest each new book posted and have reviewed a couple.

    I find that reading what others experienced and recorded adds to my own cherished memories of my PC times.

    I am now working with AmeriCorps Habitat for Humanity I recommend the time with AC HFH or any non profit a very worthy endeavor.

    Always keep pen and paper handy for electronics sometimes falter.

    A more extensive list of my works can be found on my web site on amazon by my author name Donald aka Azure Dirnberger

  • Patricia,

    Very exciting! 3,300 books and counting! I’ll be adding my new book, “My Saddest Pleasures: 50 Years on the Road” to “Different Latitudes: My Life in the Peace Corps and Beyond” at the Experience Library. It’s inspired by Moritz Thomsen,”The Saddest Pleasure.” These are my own “horror journeys” around the world. I wrote it in honor of RPCV/author Paul Theroux and Tom Miller who knew Moritz and passed their appreciation of the iconic author on to me.

    Its so nice to see all your team’s hard work coming to fruition!


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