Museum of the Peace Corps Experience Hires Director

Museum of the Peace Corps Experience Hires Director

Zack Klim (Bangladesh 2000-01)

His new appointment will begin on January 2, 2023.

Klim has been in leadership at NYU’s Global Programs division since 2008. Throughout his tenure at NYU, he interfaced with colleagues around the world to develop learning and research opportunities, fundraise, and foster understanding across cultural and socioeconomic divides. In his role as Executive Director, he successfully procured funding to ensure international learning opportunities would be accessible to all.

His collaboration with faculty in the Visual Arts Administration program were vital to the launch of an international leadership Program in Visual Arts Management – a post-professional certificate program – in partnership with University of Deusto and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

“Zack’s diverse track record in developing new programs, managing international teams, and as an educator in the U.S. and globally brought him to our attention early in the search process. His vision for the museum builds on his experience in community engagement, education, and research, all of which he sees as essential museum programs,” said MPCE president Patricia A. Wand.

In 2020, he earned his doctorate in Sociology of Education at NYU, where he studied organizational theory and processes that foster and diminish social inequality. His research examines how variation in institutional conditions influences the spread of ideas, social movements, and educational stratification.

Prior to NYU, he was a public school teacher in New York City and a human rights educator in Burma/Myanmar, where he co-curated exhibitions on photojournalism and the political power of visual art for the U.S. Embassy’s American Center in Yangon. His first international experience was as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Bangladesh (2000-01) where he trained teachers and participated in community development projects.

“My experience in the Peace Corps had a profound affect me. Without question it’s what influenced my ongoing passion for international education. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience, a cultural institution that I believe will help inform and introduce a new generation of folks to the significant history, diplomacy, and community that is the Peace Corps experience,” said Dr. Klim.

“We are delighted to get to work with someone as qualified as Zack and look forward to his leadership and collaboration in taking the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience to the next level,” said Nicola Dino (Ecuador 1994-97), museum president 2005-18 and member of the search committee.

About The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

The Museum of the Peace Corps was founded in 2000 by a visionary group of returned Peace Corps volunteers in Portland, Oregon. Over the past twenty years, the Museum has procured an important collection of material culture, preserved stories of service, and curated exhibitions around the nation. The Museum will soon have a permanent exhibit space in Washington, D.C. and will continue to develop online exhibits accessible to visitors from around the world.

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    I hear in the wind long-gone voices
    that knew the language of flowers
    tasted the bitter root, hoped,
    placed stone upon stone, built
    an order, blessed the wild beauty
    of this place
    Can you hear
    in the wind whispers, crusts
    of soul-insulted soul, scattered
    ages, decided, gone yellow, thin
    I hear in the wind those old sorrows
    in new voices, undefeated desires,
    and the muffled advent of something I can only define
    as bright, new angels
    Can you hear in the wind independent people
    who never depart,
    have no time for friends,
    who want to go and want
    to stay and never decide in time
    I hear in the wind old phantoms
    and the swirl of the released mustardstar
    and the cry of innocence
    It is December in the wind

    © Copyright Edward Mycue Ghana 1 3-XII-2020

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