Murder by States in the New York Times Book Review Section

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ from Dale Gilles (Liberia 1964-67), (PC/W 1968-73), (Liberia APCD 1973-75), (PC/W 1991-93)

The centerfold of this Sunday’s Book Review in The New York Times has a double page spread of the United States with the headline Murder Map/50 Bodies Minimum by Ross MacDonald and Tina Jordan. The subheadline is: “Every state has its murder–and its true-crime book.”

Of course an RPCV writer has to get in that list, and we have Maureen Orth (Colombia 1964-66) claiming Florida and her true crime story Vulgar Favors.

Maureen Orth

Maureen, winner of a the Peace Corps Writers Paul Cowan non-fiction award, was one of the first women writers at Newsweek. Currently she is a special correspondent for Vanity Fair, and has profiled everyone from Vladimir Putin to Angela Merkel and has also written a bestselling cover story for National Geographic on the Virgin Mary. Maureen has not forgotten her host country and returned to Colombia to fund the Marina Orth Foundation which has established a model education program emphasizing Technology, English and leadership in Colombia.

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