Do you have a good moringa recipe?

Michelle Chirby (Benin 2012–14) wrote to Peace Corps Worldwide:

I met Marian at an RPVC event in Oakland last night, and I wanted to reach out regarding an opportunity that I think may interest your community of bloggers.

I am an RPCV (Benin, 2012-2014) who worked often with moringa — a ubiquitous tree in West Africa (and most of the global south), known from its nutritional value and many other special uses.

photo: Forest & Kim Starr

photo: Forest & Kim Starr

Now I work for Kuli Kuli, an Oakland-based start-up company founded by Lisa Curtis (Niger 2010) that sources moringa from women-owned farming cooperatives in Ghana. We make “superfood” products with moringa, while also partnering with an NGO on the ground to address malnutrition in the rural communities from which we source moringa.

Next month, Kuli Kuli is launching its Organic Moringa Powder in stores, and to celebrate, we’re hosting a recipe competition for chefs and/or bloggers to create recipes that feature moringa! All of the recipes will be featured on Kuli Kuli’s website, and the public will have one week to vote on their favorites via social media. The winning chef will receive Kuli Kuli products and a $300 cash prize!

I’d love to get the PC community more involved, so it’d be great if you could please pass this message onto bloggers or anyone else you know who may be interested. To apply to participate in this fun and creative opportunity, they should OPT-IN-HERE by February 16.

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