More Links about Benghazi attack

Thank you Tino Calabia for your penetrating review of “13 Hours.”Here are links that give more  information about the horrendous attack.

The soldiers of the Benghazi movie were EX military. They had jobs as contract security for the CIA. Here is what their CIA boss says about the movie:

Here is what the heartbroken father of Ambassador Stevens pleaded:

Here is  career foreign service officer Gregory Hicks’s testimony before Congress. Hicks recounts that he was in charge of the Embassy in Tripoli because Ambassador Stevens had gone to the Benghazi outpost on 9/11. Hicks  knew that embassies in the Mid East were being attacked.Yet, at the end of his work day, he retired to his villa and was watching TV. He missed two cell phone calls from Ambassador Stevens.


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  • The men who were the heroes of “13 Hours” were brave and did lost comrades in the fight. But they were civilians and did not serve under the support of the military command structure. Their leader was a CIA officer.

  • 4 years ago, Oct 16, 2012 I attended the memorial gathering organized in San Francisco’s City Hall under the dome. Gathered were 200 regular citizens, friends, important people, and on the 2nd level under north side of the dome where I wedged into a group of dark-suited men because of the location I’d be able to see and hear very well.

    The family members, brother and sisters and mom spoke, except for his Dad, who with his second wife sat alertly and somberly. The siblings spoke so well, anyone would wish some like that yourself.

    Former Sec of State Geo Schultz was there an a retired ambassador Thomas Pickering. He spoke, his large features reddening in both anger and despair, promising someone would pay for this assault on an ambassador and the Foreign Service. .

  • Joanne, Thanks for your links, esp. to the 2012 remarks by Chris Steven’s Dad who hoped that Benghazi wouldn’t become a politically charged football.

    His Dad must have felt betrayed when Benghazi quickly upstaged policy issues in the 2012 Presidential campaign and now this year’s campaign. Here’s what the Jan. 17, 2016 Atlantic Magazine article reported:

    “…Hillary Clinton is not mentioned in the movie. But she certainly was talked about at the private screening and during the reception that followed at Georgetown’s luxe Ritz-Carlton hotel a few blocks away. In fact, talking about Clinton was pretty much the point of the event hosted by Republican opposition-research groups America Rising and Future45. Anti-Clinton ads played on loop in place of the usual previews. As guests trickled into the theater, organizers passed out copies of an article headlined: ‘The Movie Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You to See.’

    “Senator Tom Cotton, an outspoken critic of President Obama’s foreign policy and a rising star in the Republican party, staked out a seat near the front of the theater, popcorn in hand. Representative Darrell Issa, known for his dramatic flair as the former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, walked over to chat before the movie started…. The significance of the night was clear. For conservatives, Benghazi is a symbol of the failed leadership of Clinton and Obama.”

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