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Apparently Charles Murray (or more likely, the American Enterprise Institute) has a website offering the following quiz, How Thick is Your Bubble? You answer questions and find out how completely isolated you are in the Belmont or Fishtown bubble. A more detailed quiz is in his book, Coming Apart: The State of White American, 1960-2010. My score–13 out of 20.  Since we’ll be doing a review online shortly of the book, you can take the quiz and then read the review. 

Here’s the quiz:


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  • Hmmm….I’m not so sure about the rigor of this quiz. I scored an 8 and got the feedback that “even if you’re part of the new upper class, you’ve had a lot of exposure to the rest of America.” Maybe it was my exposure to other cultures around the world that impacted my responses. Also, there is something about the questions and examples themselves that leave me uneasy – seemed a rather stereotypical way of viewing class in the U.S.

  • I scored 11, but I don’t know which way the scale goes. Plus, I am a “gall” and I don’t think the quiz is gender neutral. I wonder if Murray’s exposure to “wider America” comes from watching reruns of “All in the Family.”

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