Montenegro to Welcome Peace Corps Volunteers in 2020 

Peace Corps Press Release

WASHINGTON – The Peace Corps announced today plans to establish a new program in Montenegro focused on English education. Montenegro will represent the agency’s 142nd country of service and will be considered an extension of the existing Peace Corps post in Albania. The Government of Montenegro invited the Peace Corps to establish a program in the country in August 2018; the new program will open next year.

The first group of Volunteers is scheduled to depart in January 2020. The new Volunteers will undergo three months of comprehensive technical, cross-cultural and language training in Albania before starting two years of service in small, under-served Montenegrin communities.

The new cohort will serve as education Volunteers in primary schools and co-teach with Montenegrin English teachers. The Volunteers will also work with their teacher counterparts to engage young people in after-school clubs, educational camps and sports initiatives. Volunteers may also engage in secondary projects including economic development initiatives, agricultural and environmental projects, and more.

Prospective applicants can  view open positions for Montenegro on the Peace Corps website as they consider the Peace Corps countries and programs that best meet their personal and professional goals.

Montenegro, formerly part of Yugoslavia, is located in southeastern Europe and became a sovereign nation in 2006. It shares a border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia, as well as Kosovo and Albania, which also have Peace Corps programs.

The Peace Corps is building on the success of the work it is doing in this region of the world and leveraging the strength of the current program in Albania to launch and manage this new effort in Montenegro.

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