Memorial Service for Sally Bowles The Peace Corps First Staff Employee (Unpaid)!

Memorial Service for Sarah Bowles

A memorial service for Sally Bowles will take place at 3 p.m., September 17 in Essex, Connecticut, at Hayden’s Point, where Sally grew up, now the home of Sally’s friends and neighbors Dorinda and Mark Winkelman.

The service will be outdoors overlooking the Connecticut River, and will be followed by a reception.

Thomas Bennet is compiling photographs of Sally. Please send him any photographs that you would like to share. Email:  <>

So that we know how many to expect, please let us know you are coming by registering (click on the link below) rather than replying to this email.

Click to register (don’t forget to click “submit” at the end of the form)

Please send this message on to other friends of Sally’s whom we may have missed.

Directions: Click on the link below for a map.  Note that you should drive to the end of Fordham Road (past the point A on the map).

Map of Hayden’s Point (end of Fordham Road, Essex, CT)

Sally’s NYT obituary


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  • Sorry I missed the memorial service. Got the news too late or would have been there. Speaking of being there, Sally was always there, out front when things were happening in those early days at the Peace Corps. She was my boss at the Peace Corps after returning from two years in Colombia. RIP Sally. You will be missed.

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