Maureen Orth's (Colombia 1964-66) Son, Luke Russert, Gives A 'Shout Out' for The Peace Corps

Keeping America’s Peace Corps tradition alive
NBC News’ Luke Russert discusses his personal connection to the Peace Corps program, and the program’s increasing importance in the new millennium.

Thanks Luke!


  • I heard Luke’s encomium to the Peace Corps last night – and I send accolades…

  • If Luke had read his mother’s Vanity Fair article on Woody Allen here on Peace Corps World Wide one snowy weekend, he might also have seen the headline that applications to the Peace Corps are way down. The problem is not funding. The problem is that people are not applying to join the Peace Corps.

    As to why, I don’t know.

  • Does anyone know whether or not a well qualified applicant with type 1 diabetes would be allowed to serve as a volunteer?

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