Maureen Orth In Current Issue of VF

The September issue of Vanity Fair carries a long article by Maureen Orth, special correspondent to the magazine, on designer Oleg Cassini. Journalist Orth has written articles for VF on Conrad Black, Michael Jackson, and Denise Rich, among others. Maureen says that she was ‘stunned’ by the “expanding cast of characters” she discovered while reporting “Cassini Royale.” Everyone is linked to the designer from financier Bernie Cornfeld to Geroge W. Bush.

Maureen, in her other life, is the founder of the Marina Orth Foundation, a non-profit that serves underprivileged schools in Colombia. At the request of the secretary of education of Medellin, where Maureen was a PCV, she has developed a pilot program in English and Information Technology with teachers and students at the Marina Orth Rural School, a school of 350 students from kindergarten through high school. This program makes the Marina Orth school the first public bilingual school in the nation. It is also the first school in Colombia to provide every primary school student a laptop from the One Laptop per Child Foundation. This school was built by Maureen as a School-to-School project when she was a PCV.

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