Matthew A. Hamilton’s (Armenia, Philippines) new collection of poems: LIPS OPEN AND DIVINE

The winner of the Peace Corps Writers Best Book of Poetry in 2013 for  The Land of the Four Rivers, Matthew Hamilton, has a new collection entitled, Lips Open and Divine. These new poems will be published this spring by Winter Goose. It is a collection that “confronts some of the moral Lips-Open-and-Divine-FLATforeBooksconsequences of our time.” These poems are “void of hectoring language and insensitivity, forcing us to examine our most private and emotional complexities.

Matthew Hamilton is a former Soldier, Congressional Aide, Peace Corps Volunteer, and Benedictine Monk. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from Fairfield University and is a three time Pushcart Prize nominee. His stories and poems have appeared in a variety of national and international journals, including Atticus Review, Coe Review, Noctua Review, Emerge Literary HamiltonJournal, Burnt Bridge, Boston Literary Magazine, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, and The Transnational. Currently, he is the Librarian at Benedictine College Preparatory, an all-male, Catholic Military high school in Richmond, VA.

Winter Goose Publishing, LLC is a press founded in 2011. They are a royalty-paying trade publisher that has focused on books they feel are strong in a unique style, subject matter, and written with heart. It came from a need in a changing industry, they write, and “the desire to have a place where authors could feel as though they are a part of the entire process. As we grow, we work diligently to keep the small-press feel and to always provide a hands-on support system. Our authors are our family.”

Why Winter Goose? The name simply comes from what the founder’s father has called her since she was a baby, and still does to this day: Goose.

Go Goose!


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