Martin Puryear (Sierra Leone 1964-66) Reviewed In NYTIMES

In the New York Times, on Friday, December 25, 2015, there was an article about Martin Puryear (Sierra Leone 1964-66) and his current art exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum. It was written by Jason Farago. Puryear’s exhibition entitled, “Martin Puryear: Multiple Dimensions” continues through January 10, 2016 at the Morgan. The exhibition will then travel to Chicago where it was first organized by the Art Institute of Chicago. Later, it will go to Washington and the Smithsonian. Puryear is from Washington, graduated from Catholic University of America, then joined the Peace Corps. In West Africa he drew proficient sketches of local architecture, palm trees and cactuses, and a few Sierra Leoneans he met while teaching English, French and biology. After his tour, he studied printmaking in Sweden and then attended Yale, where he turned to doing sculptures.

Puryear is our most famous of RPCV artist and I did ask Martin, through his gallery representatives in New York, for an interview and also to do a review of the recent book on his work, but he replied that he was too busy (or shy.) Most RPCVs are willing to be interviewed but Martin declined the invitation, suggesting that I visit his show. (Well, I had already done that.) Nevertheless, I suggest that you visit his work in New York, Chicago, or later this spring in Washington, D.C.


Martin’s drawings and prints at the Morgan Library  & Museum are mostly studies for sculptures, some of which are also on view.

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  • He wouldn’t give you an interview and told you to go see his show (therein assuming you’re a neanderthal)? Guy’s a dick, or as my mother might say, a crepe-hanger. I wouldn’t go across the street to see his freaking show.

    Happy New Year!


    Want me to review his book? I had a required art appreciation course my first year in college and I think I passed it.

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