Martin Ganzglass’s (Somalia) new short stories GOATS


  • A tenured professor writes the definitive history of Philip of Macedon with help from a most unusual source.
  • A visit to the Metropolitan Opera trips up an embezzler who has planned the perfect escape.
  • The day before Thanksgiving from a dog’s eye view.
  • An aging Italian man with a secret past in East Africa.
  • Two families grapple with the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd.
  • Friendships and rivalries boil over in a veterans’ retirement home.

In ten imaginative short stories, Martin Ganzglass weaves together the mundane and the supernatural to reveal relationships that are at once humorous and humane.

Goats: And Other Stories
Martin Ganzglass (Somalia 1966–68)
Peace Corps Writers
March, 2021
305 pages
$10.00 (paperback)

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  • Marty,

    Though I haven’t read your new book yet–I look forward to doing so in he near term. From what you have written in the past, I’m certain to have another treat from your ever-presence creative pen!. Good for you!

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