Mark Shriver's Book about Sarge Now Published

Mark Shriver book about his father–A Good Man Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver– will be official published on June 5, 2012. Mark will be everywhere talking about the book and his father, beginning with the Today Show on Monday, June 4. As he wrote me recently, ” I am nervous but excited — excited, really, to share Dad’s story of a strong faith that demanded acts of hope and love.  And those acts were the work of his life — the Peace Corps, Head Start, Job Corps, and Legal Services, to name a few; his efforts alongside my mom to spread Special Olympics around the world; and, most importantly, his role as father and grandfather.”

Tom Brokaw of NBC has said of the book, “This is a deeply touching story of a famous family and the private joys and trials that came with it. Mark’s love letter to his Dad is one we can all learn from.”

Sarge died in 2011 after a valiant fight with Alzheimer’s. Overwhelmed by the tributes to his father, Mark, one of five kids born to Sarge and Eunice, decided to write about him, interviewing many of the people who Shriver worked with and helped over the years.

If you have a moment, and you have a story–touching or amusing–tell all of us about your encounter with Sarge and what he meant to you in your life in the Peace Corps and elsewhere.



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  • It is with great interest I read about Mark’s new book. Of course I will be eager to read it. Sarge Shriver welcomed my husband, Earle, and me on our arrival at Peace Corps training camp in Puerto Ricoo in early 1962, bound for Ecuador. He was friendly, gracious and reassuring,which made us feel a whole lot better after living with apprehension and anxiety about what we were soon to encounter. He was the friendly face of the Peace Corps. Later we heard tales of his working late into the night in cramped HQ in Washington with the “mad men and women”. What a guy!

  • On return from Peace Corps service in Colombia, I accompanied Sarge on recruiting and training trips. He would introduce me as “the first PCV,” and I always had to correct him..”Sarge , only a member of the first group ( Colombia I) not the first PCV,” his reply was always “ Well, you are the first name I remember!” He always made you feel he knew your name even if he didn’t!

    Honored to say “good bye” at the wake and funeral last year.

    Dennis Grubb

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