Marian Haley Beil Creates Peace Corps Writers (Ethiopia)

Marian Haley Beil

Marian Haley Beil (Ethiopia 1962-64) started the first newsletter for the growing group of returning volunteers. Along with John Coyne she started a blog worked to get the stories of the PCVs coming out of Ethiopia published. Finally, she established the Peace Corps Writers Imprint, encouraging all of us to write those stories down. There are few who can match her enthusiasm for her work with RPCV writers. There are many who owe her for her dedication for creating opportunities such as EERPCV in order to bring so many of us together. This video is an opportunity to learn more about our Peace Corps history from one who helped create it.
Cinda Mosca (Ethiopia 1967-69)
President of Ethiopia & Eritrea Returned Peace Corps Volunteers



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    To be young and not know what’s coming
    / And life’s not poetry now just a kind of verse

    Aging of elbows and bagging of the knees
    / Calendaring the bitter butter batter banter

    Let it go big joy like a lost friend in Cairo
    / Let it all fly away: / Max Klinger’s gloves

    Are flying out the windows /in a fever
    / I acceded my reach not my overreachings

    Learning dying before severing life’s link
    / Notice the far shore / before you reach it

    Resting fading away in the back of the mirror
    / Holding up the universe and our worlds.

    FOR Marian Haley Beil who began Peace Corps Writers newsletter for returned Peace Corps volunteers & with John Coyne began Peace Corps Worldwide blog.(both PCVs in Ethiopia 1962-1964).& she started publishing Peace Corps Writers books

    © Copyright Edward Mycue (who also a PCV, Ghana 1, 1961) PS Marian’s son became the tech-muscle for all these efforts.

    • Edward – thank you for the poem AND mentioning my son as being my “tech-muscle” — love that term. From designing the complex “Writers Bibliography” database years ago to managing every datail that keeps this ever growing blog going, Noah knows it all!

  • What I wrote was about Marian essentially, but John Coyne is a master writer and may have written and or edited dozens of novels and anthologies. Plus having another different set of careers as an administrator and official. I wonder if the Ethiopian contingents of RPCVs are some kind of phenomenon. So many have done so much. What a team John and Marian have been. Edward Mycue

  • They are a wonderful team and have done so much for so many. Their openness to helping RPCV they’ve never met is phenomenal.

  • There is an endearing genuineness, warmth, and camaraderie of the Ethiopia Volunteers of the 1960s, and Marian’s discussion and stories accentuated those qualities. I saw the same qualities in D.C. a few months ago with the Peace Corps Liberia authors when they shared the Volunteer experiences they had written for the anthology Never the Same Again. I miss that cohesion by fellow Volunteers of the Russia program.

  • Lawrence Fixel: “We live in a time when flight and quest bear the closest resemblance.”

    Ursula K. Le Guin: “Over Eighty — The wire/ gets higher/ and they forget/ the net.”

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