Many British volunteers were able to remain in their assignments


Thank you to RPCV Alana deJoseph for this announcement from the British Volunteer Service.  Here is the statement of intent from the Volunteer Service Overseas in which British Volunteers work.

“Where it is safe to do so, and in line with national government rules, we will continue to work directly with communities.

Volunteers who are already based in communities are key to delivering this approach: our volunteers form deep relationships, built on trust, with the people with whom they work. It’s through these strong relationships that we’re working to tackle the crisis together – ensuring that our response plans are driven by the needs of the people we serve, and using our existing networks to share essential messages. Most of our community and national volunteers have been able to continue their work since the crisis began.

Almost half of our international volunteers have continued with their placements; in some cases volunteers have chosen to stay in-country, whereas others are now working remotely, after having returned home. We are working to adapt our approach and develop innovative ways of working through remote and online volunteering.

The safety and wellbeing of all our volunteers – along with that of our staff, and the primary actors we work with – is paramount. We’re providing everyone with extra guidance, which is regularly reviewed by our expert duty of care team.”

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  • Love the intent to bad we don’t have a Government with the same standup intention……

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