Peace Corps Ex-Staffers Do COS On Madoff

In today’s Counterpunch (edited by Alex Cockburn) Pam Martens writes about the “long-awaited investigative report by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Inspector General on how the SEC bungled multiple investigations of Bernard Madoff.” According to Martens, the team that produced this report on one of the most long-running and convoluted frauds in the history of Wall Street included Inspector General H. David Kotz who came to the SEC-IG post in December 2007 after five years as Inspector General and Associate General Counsel for the Peace Corps. The Deputy Inspector General, Noelle Frangipane, also came to the SEC from the Peace Corps where she had served as Director of Policy and Public Information.”

At home and abroad, the Peace Corps cleans up the mess!


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  • John…easy here…

    The mess unfolding is a inside cover up by the SEC ..These guys could be part of the problem not the solution..and look who the reporter is–Alex Cockburn known for going after the bad guys not the good guys…

    Incompetence regardless two persons ( Bush Administration appointees) not quaified to be investigating the SEC!!

    Dennis Grubb
    Ex PCV and Wall Street Trader

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