LOVING HIM PEACEFULLY – 1, 2 & 3 | A Spicy Romance (Not Written by an RPCV)


Katherine is living her dream of working as a business executive for a large company. That is until her bosses ask her to sign her name to something legal, but very unethical. Katherine quits because her good name is worth more to her than a cushy salary. With savings to hold her over for a while, Katherine takes a leap of faith and joins the Peace Corps. On the way to her assignment, she meets a very handsome man traveling abroad as well. They have an instant connection and things quickly heat up. Katherine wants to stay focused on her task, but that is easier said than done. Follow Katherine as she embarks on the journey of her life. Will she find love, happiness, or misery, in the deepest parts of the jungle?

Loving Him Peacefully
3 Books Box Set
by Lisa Martin
102 pages
July 2014
$3.99 (Kindle); $6.99 (Paperback)


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    Wheels-up are the square-long mundane-ecstatic’s true quotidian

    Every-day is smitten celebrating what you see and hear, you know

    Even barking-up wrong trees, even knocking-about in common wrong places

    The real story is how identities merge through lands of “should” and “might”

    How the excluded come forward as ordinary witnesses getting the syntax right

    © Copyright Edward Mycue

  • If anyone has enough guile to read all three volumes, I hope they will inform me of their conclusion. Can any screenwriter or author of fiction get the Peace Corps essence right, unless they’ve lived through the experience? The covers of “Peacefully 1-2-3” suggest it’s about something else entirely.

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