Looking for an Editor to Help You Write Your Book? Check Out RPCV Chuck Lustig!

Chuck Lustig

Chuck Lustig

Chuck Lustig (Colombia, 1967-68) novelist, editor and an Iowa Writers’ Workshop MFA graduate. Some of his instructors at Iowa: John Irving, John Leggett and Gail Godwin.

Currently finishing part one of his four-part Peace Corps hero saga entitled Charging the Jaguar (the story of a PCV turned Colombian drug lord), Chuck Lustig is available for:

  • Writer’s coach therapy sessions by telephone or Skype: Tell me your writing challenges; let me listen and only then suggest possible options/solutions;
  • Line-by-line edits of manuscripts; and
  • Editorial critiques of Peace Corps novels and memoirs.

Your immediate opportunity:

  • Subscribe to Chuck Lustig’s monthly ExcitingWriting Advisory. Cost: Gratis. (Chuck has been bringing out a new issue of his newsletter every month for the past 15 years. Content also appears as a blog. For a number of years now, Chuck has been reviewing a different book about writing every month.
  • For sample content, visit my blog at http://excitingwritingblog.blogspot.com
  • To subscribe (and be sure to receive my latest ExcitingWriting Advisory as soon as it is issued) email your subscription request to clustig@excitingwriting.com Subscriptions are free and strictly opt-in. If at any time you decide to cancel, just e-mail me and I will immediately take your name off my list. No worries.
  • I currently have about 2,200 EWA subscribers.

Chuck Lustig/ 214-685-9555 / clustig@excitingwriting.com



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  • I look forward to Chuck’s monthly blog–I’ve been in touch with him before since we both have Latin American RPCV roots and he’s an accomplishing writing coach and writer.

  • I echo Mark Walker’s comments. Thank you, Chuck, for all your advice. Unfortunately, anyone who reads what I write knows that I have not been able to incorporate it. I look forward to reading “Charging the Jaguar” because I think it will describe all the conflicting dynamics of the early days of Peace Corps Colombia.

  • I have been following you since a long time. I anticipate Chuck’s month to month blog– I’ve been in contact with him before since we both have Latin American RPCV roots and he’s a finishing composing mentor and author.

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