Looking for a few Good Reviewers

I am always in the need of anyone who would like to review books for our site: www.peacecorpsworldwide.org. If you are up to reviewing novels, non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, etc., please let me know.

I’ll send you the book (that’s you payment, small but nice) with a letter of instruction. Just let me know the type of book(s) that interest you.

For example. On my desk today, I have The South American Expeditions, 1540-1545 written by Alvar Nunz Cabeza de Vaca (translated with notes by RPCV Baker H. Morrow),

The Chinatown War: Chinese Los Angeles and the Massacre of 1871 written by RPCV Scott Zesch, and The Immanence of God in the Tropics (Stories) by RPCV Rosen.

We only review books by RPCVs and I get 2-3 a week. One thing about RPCVs….they have a lot to say! The books self published and academically published, as well as, commercially published.

I thank all the reviewers we have now who have stepped up to help Marian Beil and I keep on keeping on with this site.

So, let me know if you would like to review a book or two.

Many thanks.

John Coyne


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