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Heather Arney (Mauritania  2000-02), Kansas City, graduated from Wagner College, NYC with a degree in business management. After a job search that left her quite dissatisfied, she joined the Peace Corp to do something more meaningful. Heather worked with micro-finance, girl’s education, and played in a band that sang about AIDS awareness.

From her early years in the Peace Corps, Heather has had an interest in microfinance. This paired with her constant pursuit of knowledge strengthens Heather’s role as the Senior Manager of’s Insights and Innovation team. Heather leads the team to create a robust evidence base that compels action to catalyze affordable financing for safe water and sanitation solutions.

President and Co-founder of Girls to School, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting girls’ education and facilitating microfinance in West Africa. Enabled more than 800 girls to attend high-quality schools and linked their mothers to self-help groups that provide small loans for entrepreneurial activities such as fruit vending and tailoring. is a global nonprofit organization working to bring water and sanitation to the world.

They help people get access to safe water and sanitation through affordable financing, such as small loans. They empower people in need with these life-changing resources – giving women hope, children’s health, and families a bright future.

More than 31 million people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America now have access to safe water and sanitation at home, and greater resilience to COVID-19 and other diseases.



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  • Congratulations Heather on your contributions to international development and I have a lot of respect for I have worked as a librarian and knowledge management specialist for USAID water and sanitation projects for 30+ years.

    Dan Campbell, El Salvador/1974-1977

  • Heather indeed has a constant pursuit of knowledge!
    Heather played soccer at U of MO and Wagner College with scholarships and now coaches a Thurston County, WA soccer team.
    She plays well with others 🙂

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