E-Mail Letter Sent To RPCVs By Crisis Corps (a.k.a. Peace Corps Response)

[The Peace Corps, as an agency, was created in 30 days, but those were the days when the Kennedy Kids knew how to get things done! By the time this Response Corps gets its act together and sends its first RPCVs to Haiti the children needing food and medical attention will be in college. “It will take time for us to assess what Peace Corps can do in Haiti,” writes Laura Smail in her form e-mail to RPCVs calling the Peace Corps. Really? Don’t tell that to Shriver, Wofford, and Wiggins. In February of 1961 they met in two-rooms at the Mayflower and with a handful of people inside and out of government created a whole new organization that was signed into law by March 1, 1961. Maybe if the Peace Corps saw the situation in Haiti as a ‘crisis’ and now simply something to ‘response to’ we’d have some action at HQ.]

Laura’s Little Letter

Dear RPCV,

 Thank you for contacting Peace Corps Response regarding your desire to assist with Haiti relief efforts.  We have received a tremendous response from the RPCV community, and we thank you for offering your skills and service during this time of need.

Peace Corps is working with other federal government agencies and humanitarian partners to determine what we can do to provide assistance in the coming months.  

It will take time for us to assess what Peace Corps can do in Haiti.  We expect that if Peace Corps Response efforts are needed, assignments will range from three to six months in duration.  If and when we are able to initiate a program, we will make this information public on our website.   

If you are receiving this email, your name is on our list of interested applicants, and you will be among the first to be notified of future service opportunities in Haiti.  Please also continue to monitor www.peacecorps.gov/response for the latest information.   Due to the extremely high volume of inquiries we are receiving, we regret that we are unable to respond to individual questions or comments.  Rest assured that your interest has been duly noted.   We will continue to keep you updated of any new developments.  Thank you again for your willingness to serve.  

Best regards,  

Laura Smail
Program Support Assistant
Peace Corps Response 202.692.2250

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  • The Peace Corps is not a first responder agency. There is not work that needs to be done there right now that the Peace Corps should be involved in. There are other agencies for that. Perhaps 6 months to a year, yes. Sending the Peace Corps there now would only get people in the way.

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