Letitia [Lettie] Morse Lladoc (Philippines 1964-66)

Monday, November 21
5:00 pm

IMAGINE, President Kennedy has been dead for two years, but it’s amazing how, here on the island of Leyte in the Philippines so many miles away from the United States, you visit barrio homes and there on the wall is President Kennedy’s picture.

People here always want to talk about President Kennedy and it’s nice because they talk about him as if he was a close friend.

I feel so honored to be part of his Peace Corps. I know years from now I’ll look back at my Peace Corps years as my best years.

Jesse and I went walking in the park near the Tacloban capital today. He is becoming very special to me. How am I ever going to leave this place or him.


I didn’t leave Jesse! We’ve been married now for 22 years and have two wonderful children, Billy and Sarah.

Thank you so much President Kennedy.

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  • Lettie; great to read your story. It brings back many wonderful memories of Leyte during 64-66. I too remember the fact that nearly every home had a picture of President Kennedy displayed in an honored position.

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