Lawrence F. Lihosit’s Novelette: Those Who Are Gone (Honduras)

Lawrence F. Lihosit’s Novelette

 1964, Indian Bend Wash, Scottsdale, Arizona. Jack Colter recounts childhood adventures and mishaps in the company of his friends, a stew of Anglos, Yaqui, Papago and Pima Indians. They learn about each other and southwestern lore- eating jumping cactus, applying a sabila poultice and running a full court press while zig-zagging through puberty.

Many in their group of grade school peers live in a desert wash settlement that no longer exists, having been replaced with a storm drainage project. Very few even mention it. Yet, the group came together, despite differences, to form a championship team.

Those Who Are Gone
Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras 1975-77)
118 pages
Independently Published
$13.00 (paperback)
Available on Amazon Books



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  • Lawrence is not only an extremely talenedt author and so prolific, but he introduces ” ordinary” people that are important and unknown, Thank you, Lorenzo

  • Thank you, Joey. I appreciate the kind words. This book is loosely based upon my childhood, a story that has haunted me for years. In February, I went home and began interviews to make sure that my memory had not failed me.

  • Sing out that this land is our land along the Navajo trail, the Allegheny moon deep in the heart of Texas when it’s still springtime in the Rockies and Rhode Island is famous for you as when Shenandoah Is king of the road, and so is old Cape Cod where Oklahoma carries us to home along on our old roads because we leave our hearts in San Francisco while we still want to sing out. America.

  • Lorenzo is one of our more prolific RPCV writers coving many genres. I used his “Peace Corps Experience: Writing Your Memoir” to write mine, “Different Latitudes.” I grabbed up his new book because I live in Scottsdale and can’t wait to get his take on an interesting cultural mix that most people are unaware of.

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