Leamer Again in the News

Today’s edition of The Journal News, a Gannett paper in Lower Westchester, top story is about Larry Leamer’s (Nepal 1965-67)  bombshell yesterday in Newsweek. The Richardson family said the Newsweek/Daily Beast report was based on “vindictive lies.”

Leamer, who is a noted Kennedy authority, and author of three books on the family, based his account, he says, on documents filed during the divorce proceedings. Leamer also says his research showed the Mary Kennedy was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and that she was in his words, “a desperately sick women.” Leamer said he contacted a Harvard professor and authority on the disorder who confirmed that he had met with Mary and Robert Kennedy and that she exhibited, in fact, clear symptoms of the mental illness.

Meanwhile, Mary Kennedy’s attorney, said he and the family are shocked by the accusations.

Family court document are “sealed”–only available to those who are a party to the action or the attorney of record. It was unclear how the documents came to Leamer. When asked, he replied, “I can’t say how I got it. It was not a simple matter. It was not easy to get.”

Leave it to those RPCV writers….they find out everything!

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