Kennedy's Eternal Flame Returns to New Ross, Ireland

Dennis Grubb (Colombia 1961-63) forwarded the story in today’s Washington Post of the ceremony yesterday by the Irish Embassy where the eternal flame from JFK gravesite will go to Ireland for the 50 anniversary of Kennedy’s visit. Kennedy in the summer before his death visited Ireland and  vowed to return–but that never was.  The event was organized by the Embassy of Ireland with a reception afterwards at the residence. Tim Shriver, Head of the Special Olympics, spoke at the Ireland Embassy, spoke about service  and the fact that because of JFK, “as we are gather here today at the Embassy of Ireland to celebrate  thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers are working around the

JFK Greeting PCVs on the White House Lawn

JFK Greeting PCVs on the White House Lawn


Tim Shriver related a personal story, saying that once at  a Sunday dinner he asked his Uncle Ted why he thought JFK sparked “hope” in people he met. Ted responded with a story of a party in Palm Beach. Jack was chatting up the girls and sister Rosemary was sitting by the pool alone. Jack left the girls and went to talk with Rosemary until the party was over. Teddy said JFK was always offering “hope.”

Geri Critchley (Senegal 1971-72) will be representing the Peace Corps RPCV Community at the New Ross ceremonies. Caroline Kennedy will also be at New Ross this weekend for the ceremonies. Peace Corps Deputy Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet (Western Samoa 1981-83), was to attend the New Ross events but the legal department of the agency will not let her travel to Ireland on her way back from Africa (at government expense) to represent all the Peace Corps Volunteers who responded to Kennedy’s call to make a difference by joining the Peace Corps. Some days, I think, the lawyers at the Peace Corps only approve of events to which they get invited.

To learn more about these events in Ireland, check out:

To read about the Irish Embassy Ceremony check out today’s Washington Post


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