Dec 4, 2013 Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Joe Kennedy applauded today’s passage of the Peace Corps Commemoration Act (H.R. 915) by the House Committee on Natural Resources. Kennedy introduced this cost-free legislation in February to authorize the non-profit Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation to establish a commemorative work on federal land in Washington, D.C. The Foundation is responsible for any costs associated with the commemorative work. Last month, Congressman Kennedy testified before the Committee on Natural Resources in support of the bill, which passed today by unanimous consent.

“At a time when the international community was fractured by the Cold War, the founding of the Peace Corps reminded America of the best it had to offer: service to others for the joe_kennedy-congress-small1common cause of global peace, mutual understanding, prosperity, and progress,” said Congressman Kennedy.  “Commemoratives in our nation’s capital celebrate the seminal moments in American history, and it is fitting that the Peace Corps’ legacy be honored in Washington. I am proud to stand behind this bill as it passes the House Committee on Natural Resources and look forward to it being brought up for a vote.”

About the Peace Corps:

Over the past 50 years, through war and conflict, more than 200,000 Americans from all 50 states have served in 139 developing countries, embodying the timeless American ideals of goodwill, friendship, prosperity, and progress.  Today, the 8,000 Peace Corps Volunteers serving in 76 developing countries continue to live out these ideals and demonstrate the enduring significance of the Peace Corps’ founding.

After graduating from Stanford in 2003, Kennedy joined the Peace Corps and went to the Dominican Republic from 2004-06 working with local local tour guides in the 27 Charcos reserve in the Río Damajagua Park. “We basically created a union,” said Kennedy, who reported that the group’s efforts won higher wages for employees while improving revenue for the tour companies. His secondary project(s) included “stints as an Anti-Poverty Consultant for the Office of the President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and a Research Analyst for the United Nations Development Program.

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For Immediate Release:                               December 4, 2013
Contact:                                                          Emily Browne
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  • It looks like another Kennedy has picked up the torch. I plan to send him a handwritten note of thanks.

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