KEEPER OF THE STARS by Don Dirnberger (West Indies)


Keeper of the Stars is the first volume of poems from the series Making My Dreams Reality by Donald Drinberger. The words began before his trip to El Salvador but continued and finished while doing a Global Village Build with Habitat for Humanity International and HFH El Salvador. The members of the team, the people of the country of El Salvador, the families who wanted to construct their new homes with the understanding that a home is the starting point of a better life and a better world, to them and for them. In these words, these poems may you also share time with fellow human beings in changing this world for the betterment of all, one home at a time.

The author, Donald Dirnberger (West Indies 1977-79), lives now on the Grey Wolf Resort and Ranch near Victor, Colorado where he enjoys gardening, raising animals, along with writing. His works include volumes of poems and writings along with short stories. Volume of Poems is meant to engage the reader in reflective thought. A former Peace Corps Volunteer in the Eastern Caribbean, Antigua, his life has taken him to many different places with more to be discovered. Several of his books have been selected to be added to the Peace Corps National Library in Washington, D.C. His passion for writing began early in his life. An avid reader himself often having several books in the process of being read. Azure is his lifelong color. The hue is not only of the skies but the seas. Contact him via his email:


Keeper of the Stars: The Poems, Volume 1
by Donald aka Azure Dirnberger (West Indies 1977-79)
May 2023
241 pages
$44.81 (Paperback); $51.31 (Hardcover)


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