Karen Joan Keefer (Nigeria 1966-68)

Monday, November 21
6:45 pm

MY SINGULAR, most meaning-ful experience in life occurred in my Peace Corps service.

Before the Peace Corps …I was not.
During my service……I emerged and became.
Ever since…………I have been and am.

Today, I thank all who let me be.

Thank you John F. Kennedy, for being you and opening doors for others to be.

Thank you America, my native land, for having freedoms that let us be.

Thank you Peace Corps, for supporting us in a framework in which we can come to be.

Thank you Nigeria, my homeland, for teaching me what being is and helping me become.

Thank you my family in Offa, for bearing me and for bearing up with me and loving me in my becoming.

Thank you my Peace Corps family, in knowing the importance of being through you own experience making explanations unnecessary.

Thank you all citizens of the universe, for being also, and influencing each other’s beingness.

And always and ever, thank you wonder-ful ALL THERE IS, for Your incredible wisdom in creating all of us unique and beauty-ful beings.

Thank you all for helping me live, not merely exist.

I owe you my life.

Know I love you all and thank you for being.

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