June 2011 Peace Corps Books

gather-the-fruit-120Gather The Fruit One By One
50 Years of Amazing Peace Corps Stories: Volume Two, Americas

Edited by Pat (Paraguay 1970–72) and Bernie (India 1967–69) Alter
Series editor Jane Albritton (India 1967–69)
June 2011
315 pages

tarnished-ivory-120Tarnished Ivory
Reflections on Peace Corps and Beyond

Peter Bourque (Ivory Coast 1973–75)
223 pages
June 2011

from-san-jua_uin-120From the San Joaquin review
(Short stories)
Barry Kitterman (Belize 1976–78)
SMU Press
264 pages
June 2011

footprints-mud-120Footprints in the Mud (review)
A Peace Corps Volunteer’s 40+ Years of Ties to Thailand
Michael R. MacLeod (Thailand 1964-68)
Third Place Books
296 pages

friends-at-the-bar-1201Friends at the Bar
A Quaker View of Law, Conflict Resolution, and Legal Reform

Nancy Black Sagafi-nejad (Iran 1965-68)
State University of New York Press
$75.00, paperback $24.95
272 pages
February 2011

against-the-odds-140Against the Odds
Insights from One District’s Small School Reform

Martin Tombari (Ethiopia 1974–75) and Larry Cuban, Gary Lichtenstein, Arthur Evenchik and Kristen Pozzoboni
Harvard Education Press
186 pages

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