July 2011 Peace Corps Books

in-search-rose-notes-120In Search of the Rose Notes
by Emily Arsenault (South Africa 2004–06)
William Morrow
369 pages
July 2011

girls-factory-120Girls of the Factory: A Year with the Garment Workers of Fes
by M. Laetitia Cairoli (Morocco 1985–87)
University Press of Florida
256 pages
March 2011

colombia-pictures-stories-1401Colombia: Pictures & Stories
by Sandy Fisher (Colombia 1962–64)
$60.00 (signed) TheMarket@brookviewfarm.com
212 pages
January 2011

african-american-odyssey-140The African American Odyssey of John Kizell: A South Carolina Slave Returns to Fight the Slave Trade in His African Homeland
by Kevin G. Lowther (Sierra Leone 1963–65)
University of Southern Carolina Press
336 pages
May 2011

stirring-pot-120Stirring the Pot: A History of African Cuisine
by James C. McCann (Ethiopia 1973–75)
Ohio University Press
240 pages

bread-sky-120Bread from the Sky
by Maria McCarthy (Togo 1996–98)
Amazon Digital Services
January 2011

ingear-120InGear: Peace Corps & Beyond
by Joel  Robbins (Azerbaijan 2007–09)
Wayseeker, LLC
$14.90 Paperback (from the author)

angels-mercy-140Angels of Mercy: White Women and the History of New York’s Colored Orphan Asylum
by William Seraile (Ethiopia 1963–65)
Fordham University Press
$27.95 (cloth);  $20.00(paper)
220 pages
June 2011

by Christina Shea (Hungary 1990–92)
Black Cat


304 pages

July 2011

life-in-time-140A Life In Time: A Woman’s Journey from Orphanage to Peace Corps
by Kaye Stone (India 1966-68)
The Stone Publishing Group
$14.95 (plus $4.00 shipping)
204 pages

July 2011

imprisoned-paradise-120Imprisoned in Paradise: Japanese Internee Road Workers at the World War II Kooskia Internment Camp
by Priscilla Spires Wegers (Thailand 1963–64)
University of Idaho Press
360 pages

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