Joshua Harris (Mali 1996-98) Follows The Footsteps of Charles Dickens And Writes Serialized Novel

Joshua A.H. Harris spent, as he wrote me, “two life-altering years” (1996-98) in Mali as a PCV before attending the University of California, Davis School of Law. Earning his degree in 2003, he went to work as a lawyer for ten years at a public-interest, environmental firm in Oakland, California. Today, Josh is pursuing a Master’s Degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing at San Francisco State joshuaUniversity.

He is now writing a ‘serialized novel’ entitled Out of the Fog where every Friday he posts a new chapter, in the fashion Charles Dickens first achieved in the Victorian age. You can read Joshua novel at:

Out of the Fog takes place in San Francisco in 2091 in a world radically altered by climate change. His first post (up now) is an open letter to Congress asking it to take action on climate change before the end of the year. The end of Out of the Fog will be decided by Congress’s action or inaction – sort of like those choose-your-own-adventure books for kids. His hope (you got to love RPCVs in the way they hope) is to inspire Congress to prioritize climate change legislation. What Josh is asking is that we sign up and read Out of the Fog and then write our representatives in Washington, D.C., urging immediate and decisive action.

Good luck, Josh on your novel and your cause.


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