Joshua Berman Publishes Two New Books On Nicaragua

Joshua Berman and Randy Wood (Nicaragua 1998-2000) are two very successful RPCV travel writers. Josh was interviewed last month by TravelWriting 2.0 by Tim Leffel and one of the questions I think you’ll find interesting is:

How did you “break in to travel writing”? What have been the keys to your success?
The first step was joining the Peace Corps and being assigned to a beautiful tropical country on the verge of tourism with no useful guidebooks. My coauthor, Randy Wood, and I sent a proposal to Moon. We told them we were going to write the first comprehensive guide to Nicaragua and we wanted to do it for them. They gave us the job, then a few years later, they offered me Moon Belize when the original writer (Chicki Mallan) retired.

Josh’s travel articles have appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel, The Boston Globe, Yoga Journal, Outside Traveler, 5280, Worldview, and Transitions Abroad. New editions of his two Nicaragua titles are hitting bookstores this September, 2010: Moon Nicaragua and Living Abroad In Nicaragua (both Avalon Travel Publishing). Joshua lives in Colorado with his family, where he is also a part-time Spanish teacher. Check out his site at:

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