John Slattery's (Morocco 1994-96) film Casablanca Mon Amour

John Slattery’s (Morocco 1994-96)  film is being broadcast (in a shorter form) on BBC Arabic TV this week.j-n-h-small

The FILM: Casablanca Mon Amour explores a Moroccan perspective on the entwined relationship between Hollywood and Morocco. The relationship (between the U.S. and Morocco) is examined through the cultural lens of cinema.

A 45 minute version CASABLANCA MON AMOUR will be broadcast on Alternative Cinema BBC Arabic this Saturday March 29th, 2014 at 19:06 GMT and repeated on Monday and Thursday at 22.06 GMT on BBC Arabic TV.

It is NOW streaming live online for a 1 week catch up
here (you can just fast forward a bit past the first NEWS part and then it begins)

Here is the announcement Trailer:

There is also a Cinema Badila facebook page at for comments.

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