John Givens (Korea) — IRISH WALLED TOWNS


John Givens (Korea 1967-69)

Native Californian John Givens teaches fiction writing in Dublin. Givens was a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Korea. He studied art and language in Kyoto for four years. Givens attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and graduated with an MFA in creative writing. He worked in Tokyo as a writer and editor for eight years. Givens also worked at K2 Design in NYC, and at Digitas and Landor Associates in San Francisco.

Givens’ published novels are: Sons of the Pioneers, A Friend in the Police; and Living Alone. His short story collection, The Plum Rains, was published in Dublin by The Liffey Press. Short stories have appeared in literary magazines in the US, Europe and Asia. His non-fiction publications include Irish Walled Towns and A Guide to Dublin Bay: Mirror to the City.



John Givens (Korea 1967-69)
Liffey Press Publisher
August 2008
280 pages
$79.98 (Hardback)



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  • Having just finished Matthew Green’s compelling “Shadowlands” a recount of the history of vanished British towns and villages. I thought that Given’s book on Irish walled towns would be the perfect follow up. But wow! the book costs $80, plus postage. I am a big believer in supporting authors, especially Peace Corps writers, by buying their books full price, but this is a price too far. I am sure it a excellent book. Perhaps the D.C. publlic library will have a copy. Hope so.

    Barry Hillenbrand
    Ethiopia 1963-1965

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