Joe Lurie (Kenya 1967-68) is the Executive Director Emeritus of UC Berkeley’s International House, and author of Perception and Deception: A Mind-Opening Journey Across Cultures (Nipporica Associates, 2018).

C-Span just aired a book  talk in which Joe references discoveries he made while he was a PCV in Kenya that opened his eyes in profound ways, and were the seeds of his book, now in its second expanded edition.  In case the program is of interest, it’s likely to be aired again , but in case you miss it, here it is.

A former director of semester and summer programs abroad for the School for International Training in France, Kenya, and Ghana, Joe lived in Europe for four years, and lectures widely for Cal Discoveries in Africa, Asia and Europe. He is fluent in French as well as Swahili.

The Joe Lurie Returning Peace Corps Volunteer Gateway Fellow for entering Ph.D students at UC Berkeley  is open exclusively to Returned Peace Corps Volunteer applicants.

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  • This article and all the books, articles, and The Towering Task, are emblematic of the incredible talent in the RPCV community!
    I hope that the proposed Peace Corps House in the DC area will contract to have a bookstore adjacent to the House so all of these could be displayed and sold.

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