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New Peace Corps director Jody Olsen most enjoys seeing ‘people change’

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Tom Temin Interviews Jody Olsen

Jody Olsen cannot quite seem to leave the Peace Corps behind. She volunteered in Tunisia for the Corps in the 1960s. In between various jobs, she has returned to the Peace Corps as a country director and deputy director. Now she has returned again, this time as director. She was sworn in just a month ago and joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin in the studio.

Career Peace Corps Staffer Jody Olsen gives a short interview on Federal Drive and praises (without naming) past Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet and how Carrie led “historic reforms to modernize the agency.” Olsen mentioned the changes in Recruitment and the application Carrie did and how that led to record-breaking numbers. When asked by Tom Temin what changes and programs she envisioned, Olsen said she didn’t know. But she has only been (this time) at the agency for a couple  months. Jody did a good job and signaled out RPCV in the government and at universities in the U.S. who promoted the Peace Corps. To her credit she never mentioned Trump or sucked up to him as other appointees do when they are on television or the radio.

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  • This was very reassuring for me. Jody Olsen seems very comfortable in her new position. She has a perspective which begins in the 60s and draws on her experience in every decade since. That does make her unique. She framed her discussion by beginning with the Three Goals, which is probably the true mark of the Peace Corps Volunteer!

    She referred to the network of RPCVs, those within and without the federal government and with whom she asks for advice and information. I hope she will welcome suggestions from all of the RPCV community. I have a list!

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